| January 2021

What is malware?

‘Malware’ is a blanket expression covering any malicious software that has been purposely designed to damage a legitimate programmable device,..

| December 2020

Win your 2021 business IT strategy With Epoq IT

It’s been a tough year for SMEs, so we wanted to spread a little Christmas cheer. Epoq IT is offering one business the chance to win your complete..

| November 2020

Why Cyber Security really matters to CEOs

Virtually every organisation relies on digital services in some way, but where there is technology there is risk.

Digital Transformation, Innovation | November 2020

Epoq IT Talks Digital Transformation

Gary Swanwick, MD of Buckinghamshire-based Managed IT Services Provider Epoq IT, recently spoke to The Business Magazine.

Remote Working, IT Security | November 2020

What is phishing – and what can you do to avoid it?

There have been several recent cases of local companies falling prey to phishing attacks in which their email has been hacked with potentially..

| October 2020

Business Continuity, IT and Why They're Important For SMEs

What is business continuity? As 2020 has clearly demonstrated, disruptions can have an adverse impact on a business without warning, at any time...

IT Support Services, Digital Transformation, Business Continuity | October 2020

The Future of Business Continuity

Ever since computers became a means for organisations to process their data, IT has been critical in both the recovery from – and prevention of –..

CIO, IT Security, Office 365 | September 2020

Best 5 ways to boost business recovery with £5,000 government IT grant

As the UK economy re-opens, businesses have begun to size up what they have learnt during the Covid-19 lockdown - and how they can best prepare..